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Ian T. Sebàs – Biography

Ian T. Sebàs (nom de plume) also known as I.T.S. is a Writer and a Novelist accredited for his autobiography SURVIVED ‘Raw and Unedited’, which tells of his childhood hardships and struggled experiences to manhood, children’s books Roy and Pearl along with (unpublished) Men: The Dog In Us, Confession of an Undertaker, My Only Hope With Panic Attack, 12 Steps To Finding Mr. Right, Dead After Death, Rude Robert, Learning German With Alex, Passion for Poetry, Corporate Hustle, Coal In The Snow and Prosperity.

Born August 1971 in Kingston, Jamaica before migrating to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Sebàs equally grew up in two of the world’s most volatile inner-cities where he was best known for writing and performing music (dancehall), sharing stages with some of today’s most renowned musicians.

Seemingly a natural intellect, Sebàs repeatedly earned the respect and admiration of his teachers and peers, for always being top of his classes, at (what was then) Central Branch All Age School.

His excellence in subjects such as English, Composition, Writing and Biology awarded him with an acceptance to attend one of Jamaica’s most prominent high schools, Calabar, in the early 1980s, before furthering his education in the United States.

Early Life

Sebàs is spawned from a large family, who suffered displacement, caused by poverty, and was left to fend for himself since age 10.

After migrating to the United States, Sebàs changed his writing focus from music and turned to books, initially associating with The Library of Congress, Vantage Press and Dorrance Publishing.

“Poetry is my first love of literature and the foundation of my writing career; I first started writing when I was seven years old, I was fascinated by the fact that I was able to grasp words out of the thin air and put them together, which created melodies, without music.” – Ian T. Sebàs

Sebàs later moved to the United Kingdom, to become a published Author, where he lived and worked a variety of jobs before having his first published book in 2005.

Personal Life

Sebàs is married to Illustrator, Tina Sebàs, lives in Switzerland and has three children.

His advanced academic studies and achievements include a certificate in Legal Studies, Business Management & Administration, a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Communications, Creative Writing and Journalism.

Charitable Association

His strength in writing has paved several employment pathways, for him, to the positions of Chief Editor, Publisher, Content Writer, Legal Consultant and Adviser.

In 2010 Sebàs co-founded Immi Aid, a charitable organization, designed to assist people, in the UK, who are in need of legal advice, relating to civil and immigration laws.

Controversial Appearances

In 2016, Ian T. Sebàs received national coverage, twice in Switzerland, after an unprecedented act of testing the level of equal opportunity in the Swiss labor market, by switching his resume’s photograph and replacing it with a white image, and again when he made legal history, by being the first person to appeal, took to court and won a case of which he was previously charged for failure to appear at a PTA Meeting; an allegation he claimed to have been racially motivated.


  • Roy (p;  2010)
  • Pearl (p;  2010)
  • SURVIVED ‘Raw and Unedited’ (p;  2011)
  • Men: The Dog In Us
  • Confession of an Undertaker
  • My Only Hope With Panic Attack
  • 12 Steps To Finding Mr. Right
  • Dead After Death
  • Rude Robert
  • Learning German With Alex
  • Passion for Poetry
  • Corporate Hustle
  • Coal In The Snow

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