Ian T. Sebàs: YouTube Channels

The YouTube Channel, Ian T. Sebàs, was created in 2015 and served as a platform of random videos associated with the author and his personal interest, before its bold transition in 2017 to discuss mainly social and political matters.

The channel’s first social video was posted on November 5, 2017, in which, Ian T. Sebàs reviewed Jamaica Customs and its importation taxes; the video earned thousands of YouTube views and a fair number of feedback.

This was followed by the H & M’s “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle” saga, when the author weighed in his opinion on the incident and vowed “No More H & M for me”; the video earned close to 2,000 views and some feedbacks, but it was the posting of Jamaican Passport Power, Caribbean Communities, USA & UK, which gave the channel its growing momentum.

After posting the video on February 4, 2018, highlighting Jamaica’s passport ranking, some political and legal issues, the video which initially struggled for recognition, accumulated a jolt of 29,000+ views within two months.

The substantial amount of views earned on topics pertaining to Jamaica, in comparison to other subject matters, influenced the author to reset his position as a YouTuber, in which he did, and officially announced, in 2018, his YouTube channel as a discussion platform mainly for Jamaican topics.

To date the channel has earned more than 700 subscribers and approximately 100,000 YouTube views.

“My aim is to use my channel to educate and inspire, by sharing my knowledge with the viewers and subscribers; each one, teach one…..I don’t want to echo crisis, I want to extract and suggest legal solutions from every situation, and most of all, I will never speculate on my channel, I will share known and found facts, plus my personal opinions.” – Ian T. Sebàs

Aside from the channel, Ian T. Sebàs, where the author often appears formal, addressing important topics, he is also an active, jovial and down-to-earth participant on the YouTube family channel, Familie Sebàs.

Videos or Vlogs on channel Familie Sebàs mainly consist of him, his wife, Tina Sebàs and their son, Jai, and sometimes the inclusion of friends.

The channel broadcast day to day events of traveling, shopping, dilemmas, home activities and the family’s way of life.

Familie Sebàs, as a YouTube channel, was created in 2017, has over 100 subscribers, and so far, has gained more than 30, 000 views.

(The above is an excerpt taken from Ian T. Sebàs biography)
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