Don’t Turn Around

Unfortunately, I was uprooted into this world among some of the vilest human beings known to mankind; I am talking about being raised in the ghetto, where moral values, love, affection and loyalty are scarce, a place where words are mere empty utterances and envy is rife.  Fortunately, for me, with the intervention of a greater power, I was given the strength to abandon that world and take a chance on the unknown which resulted into my acclaimed survival.
Today, I acknowledge my escape, my growth and my fortunes, which would have been unlikely, if I had remained in my distant past, and in appreciation of life and liberty, but more than all, peace and happiness, I play it forward by using my story as motivation and inspiration to those who desire to be saved.

“The elements of destruction and the elements of survival are usually the same, People, Places and or Things; I changed them.”

Modern technology and social media offer, to me, the opportunity to look back, without actually going back; a virtual reflection on people, places and things, which I was once familiar with, is now possible with a click of a button. Google Maps visually aid my sight to neighbourhoods and through streets I once roamed, Facebook and Twitter allow me to see, virtually, the development and growth of former communities and affiliates, by ways of their written and pictorial postings; virtual rear-view mirrors which assisted me to realize the enormous gap between my past and my present, my personal growth, the wealth of my achievements, my luck and my survival.

Some of my achievements are public knowledge, i.e. my books, and exist to serve the world, which have given individuals, who once knew me, an equal opportunity to screen my growth and development.This virtual visual trade-off has been interesting, and I am baffled, although not surprised, by some of the reactions.  

Knowledge of my successful escape has been greeted with resentment, as if the chance I took and changed my life is equal to betraying their trust.

And instead of finding inspiration in my actions, they are occupied with jealousy and resentment, scheming ways to exploit my gains without realizing the gap, the distance, the lapse of time which have separated our real worlds. I am a distant memory of their reality, now a hologram, a mere tease to their sights, whose goal has been fulfilled by finding a new life and I continue to thrive, in a real world, doing things among people and places which are unknown to them.

 “It is more comforting for them to think that I was weak and died, than to accept the reality that I was strong and survived.”

© Ian T. Sebàs 2016


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